About the course

Duration: 2 weeks

Monday - Saturday
Time: 08.00 - 17.00


45.000 NOK (Accomodations included)

Entry requriements:

  • Minimum be 18 years old
  • Hold valid certificate as a class 1 commercial diver, surface supplied to 50 meters.
  • Completed 9 years primary and lower secondary education or equivalent
  • Good health (approved annual medical examination performed by a diving doctor)

Underwater welding

The Weldcraft Pro programme is a highly specialised training programme, designed for commercial divers serious about obtaining high quality MMA welding skills both above and below water. The course follows the guidelines as stated under the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the European Welding Federation (EWF), with qualifications being awarded in accordance with BS EN ISO 15618-1 and/or AWS D3.6M-10 for fillet welds on plate.

Course content:

An intensive two-week, closely supervised course, providing both theoretical and practical hands-on experience for both wet and dry welding. The course consists of a series of lectures together with written and practical assignments and ultimately culminates in an end of course (closed book) examination and fillet welder qualification test. The practical exercises concentrate on developing the skills necessary to produce high quality defect free fillet welds, and the theory is covered by a series of lectures, which includes the following topics;

  1. Safe underwater welding procedures
  2. MMA welding plant & equipment
  3. Underwater welding techniques
  4. Preparing to weld
  5. Electrodes & weld terminology
  6. Basic weldability & common weld defects
  7. Monitor & control welding operations
  8. Quality assurance & quality control
  9. Join c/steel plates using standard underwater welding technique

Course fee: NOK 45.000 (Accomodations included)

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