About the course

Duration: 2 weeks

Monday - Sunday
Time: 08.00 - 16.00


25.000 NOK

Entry requriements:

  • Minimum be 18 years old
  • Hold valid certificate as a class 1 commercial diver
  • Completed 9 years primary and lower secondary education or equivalent
  • Good health (approved medical examination performed by a diving doctor)

Rescue diver

The rescue diver course is a starter course for commercial divers who wish to become authorised rescue divers.

Rescue divers are called out at short notice to search for and rescue persons lost at sea. Since pupils on this course have already qualified as commercial divers, we can offer a practical course with the focus on various search methods suited to different visual and current conditions.

Training is given with self-supplied and surface-supplied equipment and an introduction to recovery operations is given. The rescue diving course also covers night diving, call-out and procedures for receiving helicopter support.

On completion of the course, a class R certificate is awarded. This certificate is a requirement for working as a rescue diver in the fire service.

The course is held entirely at Fagerstrand over 12 days, including a weekend.

Course fee: NOK 25,000

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Contact information

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