About the course

Duration: 16 weeks

Monday - Friday
Time: 08.00 - 16.00

Entry requriements:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Completed 9 years primary and lower secondary education or equivalent
  • Good health (approved medical examination performed by a diving physician)
  • Swim 400 metres
  • Being able to hold your breath for 45 seconds underwater

Course syllabus

Offshore air diver course Norwegian Class-1. The course is based on following standards:

  • NORSOK U-100 (North sea industrial standard)
  • NORSOK U-103
  • Norwegian Labor Safety Authority (LSA)
  • IDSA International Diver Training Standard (Module A-B-C og D)
  • EDTC Competence Standard for Diving Personnel

Certificates issued to the students who successfully finished the course:

  • Petroleumstilsynet (Ptil) Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA): Class 1 - Surface orientated diver. This diving certificate is internationally recognized for surface supplied diving offshore to 50 meter by all the relevant organisations and national authorities included IMCA, HSE, NDC, ADAS, DCBC, SGM etc.
  • Arbeidstilsynet (Lsa): Certificate Class-B. This cert is recognised for inshore diving in Norway.
  • International Diving Schools Association (IDSA) Level-3. This cert is internationally recognised for inshore diving .
  • Norwegian school of Commercial Diving. NYD Class-1. Certificate is issued by the school and describes the holders level of competence.

Theory, duration 4 weeks:

  • Diving medicine
  • 1st aid
  • Physic
  • Diving equipment and plants
  • Hazards in diving operations
  • Regulations and standards
  • Diving works
  • Seamanship
  • Chamber operations
  • Diving and decompressions tables.

Practic diver training. Duration 12 weeks:

  • Dephts: 0-50 meter Surface supplied and 0-30 meter SCUBA.
  • Number of dives: Between 50 og 70 dives and minimum number of dives is 50.
  • Diving supervision:The students will do a number of hours on the diving panel.
  • Equipment: Dry suits, hot water suits, free flow helmets and dry suits without neck seal, demand helmets, bandmasks and scuba fullface masks.
  • Diving methodes: Surface orientated/supplied, SCUBA, helmet standard, surface decompression using deck chambers, open/wet diving bell and TUP Closed bell for deep air diving operations.
  • Tools: Various hand tools, comalongs and tirfors, hydraulic cutting tools, hydraulic brushers, hydraulic drills, pneumatic jackhammers, pneumatic breakers, airlift, lifting bags, high pressure jet, low pressure jet, electric wet welding and oxy Arc cutting.
  • Work tasks: Ditching, concret works, inspections, cleaning, search and recovery methodes, photo and video, flenging, construction, heavy lifts, cutting, UW welding and drilling.

Course fee: NOK 45.000,- (approx Euro 5.000,-)
Living approx. NOK 6.000,- pr.month.
Food approx. NOK 350,- pr.day.

Contact information

Norwegian School of Commercial Diving
Fagerstrandbakken 72
1454 Fagerstrand

Business registry no: 952 564 730

Tel: (+47) 66 96 58 00
Invoice: invoice@nyd.no
E-mail: info@nyd.no

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