The history of diving covers more than 4,000 years. Drawings have been discovered that prove than the Greeks were diving for shellfish around 2000 BC. They also used the same methods that some divers still use to collect pearls.

Even before the birth of Christ, divers were experimenting with taking their own air supply underwater. Both pictures and written sources show us how bells full of air were weighed down with a diver inside. Perhaps we can thank these experiments for what we know today about carbon dioxide poisoning.

Around the end of the 18th century, pumps were being constructed to pump air down to the divers This was the start of the development of modern diving. During the course of the following century, August Siebe managed to perfect a fully-usable diving suit with helmet. With this, he took an enormous step towards present-day diving.

At one time, most divers in Norway were trained by the Norwegian navy. Diving with helmets was being performed as early as about 1860, when the service was essentially a support function for the navy's shipbuilding. Underwater swimmers began to be used during the second world war.

The Norwegian defence forces' Diving and Frogman's School was founded in 1953. Since 1962 it has been located at Haakonsvern in Bergen. In 1980 the State Diving School was established - and 10 years later the Norwegian School of Commercial Diving (NYD) saw the light of day.

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