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Norwegian School of Commercial Diving (NYD) is a private school, which has trained more than 2,500 divers since it began it was founded in 1989. NYD is now one of the world's leading diving schools and its courses are internationally recognised.

The school is located at Fagerstrand quay at Nesodden south of Oslo. The school has a 200-metre quay where classrooms, diving stations and changing rooms are all grouped together. A modern and efficient facility, combined with ideal conditions for diving, mean that as many as 10,000 dives are performed at the school every year.

The school's skilled instructors know the industry well and have long experience of inshore and offshore diving.

The school's managing director is Dag William Wroldsen and HÃ¥kon Larsen is deputy manager.

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Contact information

Norwegian School of Commercial Diving
Fagerstrandbakken 72
1454 Fagerstrand

Business registry no: 952 564 730

Tel: (+47) 66 96 58 00
Invoice: invoice@nyd.no
E-mail: info@nyd.no

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